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PHP Live Project Training

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About Live Project Training

Mascot India is offering Live Project training for I.T. degree & diploma students. Our aim is to provide you with quality training, which will be purely job oriented & you will get exposure to the best website development companies. We fulfill need of young future techno arts, by giving them guidance under highly trained faculties. At Mascot India, learning to work on projects is quite easy with expert project trainers to guide you through out the training period.


You will work closely with these experts on the real-time client projects. Mascot India offers the finest PHP training which provides one of the most profitable opportunities for getting jobs. The highly proficient trainers at the Institute deliver proper training on this course which assists the students in this arena and they are able to achieve a successful position in IT industry and programming.

Why Live Project Training Web Development?
The Web development strategies include the business of the e-commerce, the web designing, the web content development, the client and sever-side coding and also the configuration of the web server. This involves programming the HTML and CSS in-line with web standards and then integrating this code into a content management system (CMS). Web development is the more technical side of website building. Its tools run the gamut from the flashy user interfaces of Web 2.0 to command-line scripts reminiscent of DOS from yesteryear. Here's a quick overview of the core concerns of web development.
The final year project can play an important role in starting phase of an individual when he/she is looking for job with no previous experience of real-time work. In this case if you have done your final year project on Web Development, there are better chances for you to score a job at a reputed company than any other fresher who has no previous experience in Web development.


  • Develop websites and applications using PHP technologies and open source content management systems which are being used nowadays.
  • Developing, coding, and testing server-side applications
  • Explore detailed functionalities, PHP architecture and design available.
  • Gathering and analyzing PHP functionalities required by the client.
  • Use Javascript and AJAX in order to get attractive user interface for the application.
  • Complete and deploy PHP website or application on the live server or cloud to show during interviews or potential clients.
  • Development of a website or application with rich user experience
  • Managing Databases for better perfromance
  • Optimization of codings and media
Duration: 4 Months

Total Amount - 10000.00 /-