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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps cost up to 50-70% of native apps 

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is a native mobile app that is created using web platform that wraps the web content using a native 'shell'. Hybrid apps are written chiefly using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. They are installed on the device through an app store and they provide access to enhanced native device hardware. The application is created by typically wrapping a web application with a native web view controller full screen, without normal browser controls or address bar.


If you are an enterprise or a start-up looking to build a cross channel mobility solution or develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows with a goal of faster time to market then getting it developed on Hybrid Mobile Frameworks could be the best bet for you for following reasons:

  • Multiple hybrid mobile platforms to choose from like IBM Work lite, Ionic, Phone gap and Xamarin
  • Eliminate dependability on native iOS, Android or Windows phone developers.
  • Hybrid apps cost up to 50-70% of native apps.
  • Faster time to market since the development time is reduced up to 40%.