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Custom CMS Development

Complete Command over Your Website.

Custom CMS Development

Modifying and updating various contents of a website – text, media, banner, etc. – should be easy; with Mascot india custom CMS development solutions, it is. We build websites on different CMS platforms that are versatile, yet simple to use. If you know how to work with any word processing software, you will effortlessly be able to modify text and add or remove images to your website, anytime, anywhere. Overall, allowing you to easily manage every facet of your website on your own, without any dependencies on the web developers.

A web CMS or content management system is a web application that works in the backend of your website. It allows publishing and formatting of your website's contents easily. The system is simple and easy to understand and so even users with little knowledge of any word processing application can use it efficiently. Websites need to be updated from time to time (for new information, SEO purposes, etc.), and since CMS is a simple system, it is a must-have for every business website.

CMS features including:

  • Easy editing of web content
  • Media manager
  • Banners & graphics manager
  • Web link management
  • Theme management
  • Photo galleries manager
  • Product catalogue management
  • And much more…